The Complete Product Life Cycle Process

Product life cycle

Key takeaways

The complete product life-cycle process:
1. Ideas backlogs
2. Fast idea validation
3. Product discovery
4. MVP planning
5. Product implementation
6. Product release
7. Product impact measurement
8. Idea collection

Product Life-cycle

After reading countless number of articles and books about product development, still I feel somethings missing and unclear. To fulfill, I then tried to mix what I learnt with my current product experience. And this is the result of that mixture.

This should only serve as a reference model. It means you could skip some steps if you want, or your product doesn’t require so much. Even though this is a real good, but it is still missing somethings called your motivation, or your purpose.

Product life cycle
The complete product discovery process from Ca Nguyen

In the first place, let’s look at the diagram, there are 3 ways to read it.

In general, to see the complete process, reader could start from Idea backlogs forward following the cycle lockwise. This could help you understand the basic process of product life-cycle. But of course, each steps in this process is a whole story.

From top-down perspective, you can start with Idea validation to value validation and implementation. It leads you through the draw idea to a release product.

While some product managers aligns themselves to the myth of value validation, deeply intergrate with business team, others strengthen their ability to work hand in hand with engineering team for the best outcome of product implementation.

Additionally from right-left perspective, the diagram helps you to read the process from Product planning to Product Operation. Some product managers mastered there skills for product planning, while others focus on Product operation. I would say they are both important.

Moreover, I hope you would have the general understand about product life-cycle. You can find detail of each steps on following table of content here:

Idea validation (in progress)
1. Idea collection (in progress)
2. Ideas backlogs (in progress)
3. Idea validation

Value validation (in progress)
4. Product discovery (in progress)
5. Product impact measurement (in progress)

Implementation (in progress)
6. MVP planning (in progress)
7. Product implementation (in progress)
8. Product release (in progress)

Product planning and product operation (in progress)

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