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Product is hard, yes! it is really hard. 90% startups fell in the first year, some were put into vicious endless cycle of changing business objectives. Struggling to find out the true value of their business and industry. Many sucessful models were introduced in recent year to help product managers indentify the value. This website will consolidate all best formulas, tools and models, update you the latest news about product develpment.

Product Discovery

Technology. User Experience. Business Value

Product manager supposes to be a bridge between Tech engineer team and business team. The aim is to provide the understanding across organization about what, why and how. 

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Concise. Concrete. Informative.

This website is constructed to focus on helping product managers and for people who want to participate in product development. Each article was conducted by real experience.

Readers could be a business owners, product managers, product owners, designers, developers or even marketers. Hope you guys will all benefit from content, methodologies, books review and everything suggested from this website.